I kissed you drunk and felt an animalistic lustful passion, an overwhelming need to melt into you and never return to being a separate entity.

I kissed you sober and for the first time in my life I felt the same way, and that’s when I knew.

When you kiss someone sometimes all you feel is passion, lust. A drunken frenzy of “I need to feel something”.

Sometimes it feels like a brick wall, no shock waves running down your spine, not feelings at all, no chemistry.

And sometimes…you feel your world is crumbling all around you and you don’t can’t care, because in that moment you feel like everything you need is right there, touching gently on your lips, with their arms around your waist, and your hands brushing through their hair.

That’s how I feel when your lips are on mine.

I’ve had a few brick walls, a lot of lustful frenzies, but my earth only shatters when I’m with you.


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I love Lang Leav but Michael Faudet gives me chills



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I just want vodka


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pressing my luck